Rubbish dump landfill 

discarica4 With the regional Resolution 31/17 of 27 June 2017, the regional council has allocated 2.3 million Euros to CIPNES in Olbia for the completion and permanent securing of the former Spiritu Santu municipal landfill.

The sum is part of an intervention program of 6.5 million Euros for the reclamation of discarded municipal landfills and open-air dumps originally used as a nomad camp, which will benefit CIPNES and the Municipalities of Cagliari, Uta, Quartucciu, Dorgali and Selargius. The resources are included in the Pact for Sardinia signed in Sassari on 29 July 2016 by the President of the Region Francesco Pigliaru and by the then Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and included interventions for over a billion and a half Euros, of which 276, 6 million to be spent in two years period 2016-17.

"Regional funding,- CIPNES technicians explain – will be used for the definitive coverage of the disused municipal landfill. This is an intervention aimed at the separation of materials buried by the surface environment and aimed at limiting the infiltration of water and, therefore, to minimize the formation of leachate and the release of biogas into the atmosphere. This surface barrier also has the objective of favouring the run-off and drainage of rainwater away from the burial area and to absorb any different materials, without losing its functionality. The proposed coverage” - concludes CIPNES – “will be implemented in order to be efficient and require limited maintenance. In fact, it represents the first form of defence against the pollution phenomena due to leachate, acting directly against its formation".